Teeth Whitening

Patients throughout the Alpharetta area trust Old Alabama Family Dentistry to whiten their teeth and brighten their smiles. A bold white smile is both friendly and welcoming. It can completely change someone’s appearance. Especially as people age it is important to keep smiles fresh and white to appear more youthful and invigorated. Teeth whitening is a high-demand dental procedure, and we offer multiple solutions for our patient’s teeth whitening needs. Our dental treatments are safer than vigorous brushing which can cause people to strip the enamel from their teeth.

Take Home Whitening Kits

Many of our patients want to keep their teeth bright in between visits. We offer in home whitening kits that are more powerful than what you can find in the store. Call our dental office to speak with a Old Alabama Family Dentistry team member and schedule an appointment to buy your very own in home whitening kit.

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