Dental Restorations

At Old Alabama Family Dentistry, we focus on restoration dentistry so that our patients can improve and enhance the functionality of their teeth. Modern dentistry has made it possible for patients throughout Alpharetta to maintain their natural teeth for a longer period of time. Instead of needing to have an infected or damaged tooth pulled, we can restore it using tooth fillings and other materials that look completely natural.

Restoration dentistry is a specialty that involves diagnosing, treating and managing the care of teeth and the gums and roots that support them. It requires an understanding of periodontics, endodontics, and prosthodontics. In order to restore a tooth, the dentist needs to understand how to treat the tooth structure and everything that surrounds it. Dr. Taylor is an expert that makes sure damaged teeth can function at full capacity without causing any pain. By understanding how everything in the mouth works together, Dr. Taylor provides comprehensive care to patients throughout the Alpharetta, GA area.

If your tooth is cracked, broken or otherwise damaged call (770) 475-0603 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Taylor will examine your tooth to determine what has caused the damage and the best way to fix it. The sign of a good restoration dentist is the ability to treat the damaged or infected tooth in a way that returns it to full functionality while simultaneously looking natural.

Dental restorations are often necessary to improve a patient’s oral health and to prevent further damage and decay.

This dental procedure is most often used when patients suffer from severe cavities and part of the tooth material has to be removed. The expert staff at Old Alabama Family Dentistry will remove the infected or damaged area of the tooth that is then filled with an alternative material such as gold, dental composites, or porcelain. By removing and replacing the damaged portion of the tooth, we are able to prevent further pain and decay. Once the dental restoration is complete patients can eat normally without fear of discomfort.

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