If your tooth damage is due to a cavity, the area needs to be treated, and the tooth decay removed. Afterwards, we will clean the area to ensure that any remaining bacteria are removed before using a filling. Previously, tooth fillings were only made out of gold or silver. Now, patients in Georgia can benefit from composite fillings that accomplish the same thing but look white. This is a modern solution and an important part of restoration dentistry because it allows patients to have their cavities treated while keeping a natural looking smile. At Old Alabama Family Dentistry, we can also replace gold or metal fillings with composite ones so that no one can tell you had restorative work completed.

We often get calls from people throughout Alpharetta that need help after old fillings have worn away. Fillings are not meant to last forever, so this is actually fairly common. Unfortunately, it can be very uncomfortable and create a risk of infection. If you have pain in your tooth and can feel a small hole, your filling may be gone or significantly worn down. If so, call (770) 475-0603 so that we can replace your old filling and restore your tooth.

We provide sedation, as necessary, so that patients throughout the 30022 area can feel comfortable while having their old fillings replaced or getting new ones. Whether you suffer from dental anxiety or are feeling uncomfortable, we can help you relax during the entire procedure. Patients of Old Alabama Family Dentistry, benefit from our comprehensive approach and gentle dentistry since we make it easy to have your teeth restored.