Where Can I Get a Mouth Guard to Stop Grinding My Teeth?

Posted on: July 18, 2019

Thinking you need a mouth guard to prevent your teeth from damage because you grind your teeth? When you participate in teeth grinding, you are putting your teeth at risk. This action can potentially lead to tooth decay that often results in the loss of one or more of your teeth, as well as mouth infections and periodontal disease. In order for you to protect your good oral health, finding a solution to your teeth grinding problem is necessary.

What exactly is a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are also called dental guards, bite splints and nocturnal bite plates. This common treatment option is worn at night so you can protect your teeth from becoming damaged when you are sleeping. They work by providing a cushion in between the teeth, which not only protects the teeth but also helps to prevent facial and jaw-joint pain.

Types of mouth guards

Since there are a few different types of mouth guards available, making an appointment with a dental professional for their advice is recommended. Types of mouth guards include but are not limited to soft mouth guards, dual laminate mouth guards and hard night guards. A few tips for finding the right type of mouth guard include choosing one specifically made to address grinding, choosing one with a thickness that is comfortable to wear and choosing a quality mouth guard so it will last for many years.

Where to get mouth guards

Mouth guards can be purchased over the counter, ordered online and from a dental office. Over-the-counter mouth guards are generic, which means they do not provide wearers with a custom fit. This one-size-fits-all option is not ideal and is often chosen by those who only occasionally grind their teeth.

Ordering mouth guards online is an option and requires one to send an impression of their teeth so that a fitted mouth guard can be sent back to them. When mouth guards are obtained from a dental office, they are sent out to a lab in order to have them custom-made for the patient.

The effects of teeth grinding

Long-term teeth grinding can permanently damage the teeth due to an erosion of the enamel. Once the enamel of the tooth is jeopardized, it is no longer protected from outside forces. Enamel erosion can even be so severe that it begins to expose the dentin of a tooth, which results in additional dental problems, like sensitive teeth.

Severe grinding can potentially cause fillings in the teeth to fracture, making tooth repair necessary to prevent further damage. Constant grinding can also lead to chewing problems and even a temporomandibular joint diagnosis, more commonly known as TMJ.

Protecting your teeth

When you get a mouth guard to protect your teeth from damage due to grinding, you are doing what is necessary to ensure your good oral health. Your teeth are designed to last you your entire life and when you are participating in an act that jeopardizes the health of your teeth, you need to find a solution as soon as possible. If you have any other questions about mouth guards or teeth grinding, we invite you to contact our office today.

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