When to Choose ClearCorrect Aligners Over Traditional Braces

Posted on: June 5, 2019

ClearCorrect aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that more people are choosing over traditional braces for a number of reasons. Traditional braces are the oldest and most popular method of orthodontic treatment. But, ClearCorrect aligners may actually be a better option to choose.

In this article, we go over when to choose ClearCorrect aligners over traditional braces. Being aware of when to do this can be helpful for someone considering their orthodontic options. Keep reading to find out more!

Reasons to choose ClearCorrect aligners over traditional braces

Teeth aligners are becoming more modern within the field of dentistry. Clear removable aligners are one of the many modern inventions that has been created. Here are some reasons why they are a superior choice to traditional metal braces.

Discreet treatment

One of the greatest reasons to choose ClearCorrect aligners over traditional braces is because they offer a discreet method of treatment. ClearCorrect aligners are completely transparent which means that it is next to impossible to see them. A lot of people find that ClearCorrect aligners are a better option since they can be discreet.

Because traditional braces are all metal, they are far from discreet which can bother people who are embarrassed by their orthodontic treatment. However, with a ClearCorrect aligner, orthodontic treatment can be achieved without anyone having to even know. The aligner fits perfectly right over the teeth as they are custom-made for each person. This means that there is no bulkiness which could also bring attention to the mouth if present.

A minimal need

Not everyone that needs orthodontic treatment has an extreme need for aligners or braces. Some people only have a couple of crooked teeth that are in need of straightening and in these situations, ClearCorrect can be a great option to choose instead of going through the entire traditional braces process.

ClearCorrect aligners can correct the minimal amounts of crookedness without having to force a patient to wear metal brackets and wires. 

Simpler method

ClearCorrect aligners are removable and one piece. Thus, it can be a simpler method of treatment as opposed to the metal wires and brackets that come along with traditional braces.

Most people find that heavy duty wires and brackets can completely take over the mouth. Whereas ClearCorrect aligners are removable and the patient is in complete control. Since traditional brackets do have wires and brackets, there are multiple pieces. This is opposed to a ClearCorrect aligner which is one piece for either the top half or the bottom half of teeth. 

Reach out to us!

ClearCorrect aligners are a great option to choose if you want a discreet and simple way to straighten your teeth. They are also great to choose over traditional braces if your teeth only need minimal treatment.

If you want to know more about ClearCorrect aligners and when to choose them over traditional braces, then reach out to us so that we can help you! We have trained professionals who would be happy to go over any questions with you. Give us a call or stop by our office, we are here to assist!

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