What You Should Know About Tooth Fillings in Alpharetta

Tooth Fillings in AlpharettaWe Place Tooth Fillings in Alpharetta on a Frequent Basis

Often times we take for granted the fact that if patients come in with decay they know that they are going to be getting a filling. For the patients of Alpharetta, fillings are not a new thing. However, we sometimes get a younger patient in, or someone who has been lucky with great teeth, who has no idea what is involved in getting a filling. Since nobody actually starts out coming in for a tooth filling in Alpharetta, we know that most visits usually begin with a regularly scheduled examination that finds some decay we need to deal with. A filling is exactly what it sounds like: material used to replace enamel that has become worn out, has been damaged by decay, or needs to be removed to prevent infection. The filling is used to close off spaces in the teeth that may otherwise attract bacterial infections. In order to do a filling, there are a number of steps involved.

What is involved with tooth fillings in Alpharetta?

As mentioned above, a tooth filling typically starts with a regular examination which leads to the discovery of soft spots or places where decay has caused a cavity to occur. This is one reason why we strongly encourage all of our patients to come in at least twice a year for an examination. Catching cavities early on means less fillings and a better chance at preventing decay. Once we have discovered a cavity, we can go to work filling it. The first step, naturally, is to make sure that you are completely comfortable. To do this we will administer a local anesthesia in the gum around the affected tooth. This anesthesia will completely numb the tooth so that you do not feel any discomfort while we go through the rest of the process. One thing we do tell patients getting a tooth filling in Alpharetta is that you will still feel things like mild pressure but should not feel any discomfort when you are numb. After the tooth is properly numbed, we will remove the tooth decay. This is done by shaving away any enamel that has been affected to prevent the decay from spreading. The dentist will also use this opportunity to create a shape in the tooth that is easier to fill since decay can go in all directions. At this point, your tooth is prepared to receive the filling. For some kinds of fillings, there are a few extra steps. For example, some fillings, such as bonded fillings, require the tooth to be etched which will happen during the shaving process. Other kinds of fillings require the application of a resin. When we apply resin, we use that blue light you see next to the chair to harden and make it strong.

What materials are used in tooth fillings in Alpharetta?

There are numerous materials that can be used depending on what look you want and what the budget will withstand. We can use gold fillings, amalgam (silver) fillings, composite (plastic) resin filling, or even porcelain fillings.

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