What Is Green Dentistry?


Dentistry has gone through some incredible evolution in the recent decades. Healthcare experts have realized that oral and dental problems are often the cause of other serious conditions, such as cardiovascular issues.

It may sound peculiar, but some dental practices can cause a negative impact on the environment. Various dental procedures result in the generation of metallic waste. The excessive use of electricity, metallic equipment and water worked as a major thrust behind the Green Dentistry approach.

What is green dentistry?

Green dentistry is an innovative and high–tech way to practice environmental-friendly dentistry. It works with a service model to support dentistry while maintaining the well-being of the community. Besides that, green dentistry facilitates the patients in adopting healthy lifestyles. Not only does it guide dental practitioners on how to protect community, environmental and planetary health, but it also helps them maintain the financial health of the dental practices.

Many environmentalists consider green dentistry an excellent way to reduce waste, conserve energy and decrease pollution. According to them, it is potentially beneficial, particularly to save people from the hazardous effects of urbanization. By emphasizing and promoting an eco-friendly approach, this type of dentistry has now become a popular trend to curb pollution.

How does green dentistry work?

The Eco-dentistry Association is an organization that presented the very first "green lounge" to show how environmental dental practices work. The organization laid out a model to transform traditional dentistry to the green dentistry.

To practice green dentistry, it is essential for dentists to assess their dental practices thoroughly. From dental procedures to dental equipment, everything has to meet the requirement of wellness-based practices. Moreover, dental professionals need to consider the risk of using the following:

  • Conventional x-ray machines and sterilizers (tons are discarded on daily basis)
  • Suction machines that consume around 370 gallons of water (per machine)
  • Mercury waste

As a part of eco-friendly practice, dentists can:

  • Use digital radiographs — it has no chemical paper filling and process
  • Implement reuse and recycle program
  • Distribute handouts made of recycled paper
  • Use paperless charting
  • Use waterless vacuum — it saves two gallons of water
  • Use non-toxic products for detergents and disinfectants
  • Use steam sterilization —  it has no chemicals
  • Use amalgam separator — it removes mercury from water
  • Use natural light instead of lamps and bulbs
  • Use motion sensor-activated lamps
  • Use recycled products
  • Purchase recycled yogurt toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Use energy appliances that conserve maximum energy
  • Participate in eco-friendly and energy conservation programs

By inculcating these eco-friendly practices in dental practices, dentists or dental clinics can contribute to reducing environmental pollution significantly.

Bottom line

The domain of dentistry has a great impact on our environment. Green dentistry is an innovative approach toward making modern dental procedures more eco-friendly. It follows the principles of healthcare sustainability and requires parallel applications to eliminate pollution from the environment and adopt more sustainable procedures and processes. Dentists can protect community health by practicing green dentistry in day-to-day dental procedures.

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