Treating Bruxism With a Night Guard

Night Guards Alpharetta, GA

A night guard is a good method of treating bruxism, which involves grinding your teeth while you sleep. You might not even realize that you do this. However, if you notice that you clench your jaw during the day, it might get worse during the night. Keep reading to find out more about treating this condition.

About bruxism and why it is bad

In the past, dentists would give a patient a night guard without first finding out why the patient was grinding. But dentists know today that there are many causes of the condition. Teeth grinding involves gnashing or clenching the teeth during the night. Patients are often not aware of doing this.

The teeth are not made to withstand the constant abrasion and force. It is known that this can cause the enamel to permanently be lost. The teeth can also become yellowed or fractured. It can also cause temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). It might lead to headaches or gum recession as well.

There are also several conditions or symptoms that are associated with bruxism. It is not yet known if these conditions cause grinding or if grinding causes them. However, depression and sleep disorders can both lead to grinding. Depression and kidney disease might also lead to it.

What causes grinding?

There are several factors at play for someone who has bruxism. It is usually not an isolated condition. Plus, the causes of sleep and awake bruxism differ. Some of the causes might include genetic predisposition and nicotine use. Poor occlusion means that the lower and upper teeth do not meet properly. Each of these conditions can cause the patient to grind during the night.

Getting a night guard

This is one of the most recommended treatments from dentists. These can protect the teeth against nighttime wear and tear. These are designed to have grooves that allow for a more natural bite. This can help to reduce damage during the patient’s sleep.

Many people do not realize quite how much damage grinding has done to the teeth. This will not be found out until a dentist does a regular exam. Unchecked clenching and grinding can cause the enamel to wear down. That can lead to cavities, fracturing, and damage to existing restoration. Other oral health problems can also result.

Having a customized night guard for use during sleep can prevent painful complications. Plus, it can reduce the impact that clenching and grinding have on the teeth. It can help to protect the jaw from TMD-related complications as well, helping the patient to sleep better.

Get a night guard today

If you have bruxism, you might want to consider visiting your dentist. Sometimes, patients do not know that they grind during the night. Regular dental visits can help you get a diagnosis of the condition. Your dentist can help you decide if getting a night guard is right for you. Making an appointment is your first step.

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