Tooth-Whitening Options Recommended by a Cosmetic Dentist

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There are various tooth-whitening options cosmetic dentists often recommend to patients. It is helpful to have a complete understanding of the options.

A brighter smile is simply more attractive and helps many feel more confident about their overall appearance.

A cosmetic dentist can help with tooth-whitening

There are certain things individuals can do to keep teeth white without cosmetic treatment. But, the fact is stains and discoloration can develop regardless.

The following are tooth-whitening options a cosmetic dentist might recommend.

In-office whitening

Perhaps the most effective and efficient way to gain a brighter smile is to visit the cosmetic dentist for an in-office teeth whitening procedure. In-office whitening involves the use of a high-concentration bleaching gel that is carefully utilized to remove stains and whiten the smile of the patient.

Many patients, especially those who have weakened enamel, are at risk of increased sensitivity and perhaps even further tooth damage through teeth whitening. In-office whitening is the safest way to ensure the procedure is successful and does not cause any complications.

Dental veneers 

Dental veneers are another great way to achieve a more attractive smile and whiten the surface of teeth. While teeth whitening works well for minor stains on teeth, deeper stains are harder to remove. Additionally, if there is any damage to the enamel or gums, then teeth whitening might cause more complications. In these instances, dental veneers are a fantastic alternative.

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that are applied over the existing surface of the enamel to help patients achieve a more attractive smile. The cosmetic dentist can pick a color shade that is ideal for the patient. This leaves him or her with a bright and beautiful smile that looks natural.

Whitening toothpaste

In-office teeth whitening and dental veneers are the quickest way to fix stained and discolored teeth. However, the goal should be to keep teeth white and bright long-term and reduce the need for expensive cosmetic procedures. One of the best ways to accomplish exactly that is to use a prescribed whitening toothpaste from a cosmetic dentist.

After a cosmetic procedure, or even during your next checkup visit, talk to your dentist about whitening kinds of whitening toothpaste they recommend and the benefits of using it long-term.

Take-home whitening kit

As mentioned previously, the best and most efficient way to brighten your smile is through professional, in-office teeth whitening. In fact, many cosmetic dentists advise against over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. With that said, there are professional take-home whitening kits cosmetic dentists recommend and provide to patients who are either unable to complete an in-office whitening procedure or would prefer a take-home kit.

Talk to a cosmetic dentist about tooth-whitening

There are many benefits to tooth-whitening, including increased confidence and a more attractive smile overall. To learn more about tooth-whitening options and the benefits of treatment, get in touch with our office today. We can go over your options for gaining a more attractive smile and guide you through the entire treatment process.

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