Tips for Professional Teeth Whitening Aftercare

Posted on: July 16, 2018

Ready to find out more about teeth whitening aftercare? Getting your teeth professionally whitened on a periodic basis is going to allow you to have a smile you can always be proud of. While there are indeed many over the counter whitening options for dental patients who want whiter teeth, choosing to have a dental professional whiten your teeth is always preferable. After the whitening procedure is over, you will just need to follow a few aftercare tips in order to keep your teeth looking bright for as long as possible.

Why whitening aftercare is important

Taking proper care of teeth after they have been professionally whitened is important when it comes to how long the teeth will stay nice, bright and white. When dental patients are able to follow a few aftercare instructions after getting their teeth whitened, they do not need to get their teeth whitened as often. It does not take a lot of time to perform the aftercare necessary when having a whitening treatment, making it a simple process for dental patients to follow.

Tips for professional teeth whitening aftercare

The following tips are highly recommended for dental patients who have recently had their teeth professionally whitened by a dental professional.

Tips for whitening aftercare:

After a dental patient has undergone a professional teeth whitening treatment their teeth will remain porous for up to a week. During this time it is very important to avoid drinking drinks or eating foods that have been proven to cause teeth stains to teeth, i.e. red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, soda, berries. After the first week, using a straw helps drinks avoid touching the teeth. Keep in mind that while a little alcohol is okay, too much can reverse whitening effects. Also, because teeth will be quite sensitive for a few days after having a professional whitening treatment, patients can take an over the counter pain reliever as needed. After the whitening, dental patients can also use a whitening toothpaste to extend the whitening effects. Don't forget to discuss which whitening toothpaste to use with the dentist.

Ready for whiter teeth?

Our teeth whitening services not only allow you to have a nice bright smile, getting your teeth professionally cleaned is also going to be supportive of your overall oral health. When your teeth are as clean as they can be it is much easier for you to take care of them. Cleaning your teeth also means that there is no longer any plaque or tartar buildup present that can cause damage later. After you choose to get your teeth whitened with us, we will give you all of the instructions you need in order to be sure that your teeth remain bright and white for as long as possible.

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