Teeth Whitening in Alpharetta and Recommendations by the ADA

Teeth Whitening AlpharettaIf you have sensitive teeth and are considering scheduling a teeth whitening Alpharetta, you may be interested in a paper published by the American Dental Association titled, “Tooth Whitening/Bleaching: Treatment Considerations for Dentists and Their Patients”.  In this report, the ADA reviewed the procedure, the various ways it was administered, how to improve the results and how to address patient comfort.  In their findings, they identified ways that patients with sensitive teeth could undergo a whitening treatment without irritation.  

They found that by brushing with a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate, most patients didn't experience sensitivity.  Additionally, they recommended that dentists place potassium nitrate into a whitening tray to be worn for thirty minutes prior to treatment in order to further protect the teeth.  While a simple solution, this is incredibly effective and if you have sensitive teeth, you should explore these solutions as part of the whitening process.

The majority of the time, there will be no irritation or sensitivity caused by a professional teeth whitening Alpharetta.  Most of the stories of discomfort are associated with using over the counter products, and there are several clear reasons why, including:

  • The fit.  If you purchase an over the counter teeth whitening tray, it will be designed to fit everyone.  Since a teenage girl and a 250 pound man probably have different size teeth – this can create an issue.  Anything that claims to fit everyone, probably doesn’t fit very many people well.  This creates an opportunity for the whitening solution to leak out onto the gums.  On the other hand, we make sure that every whitening tray is the perfect fit so that when the right amount of solution is used, there is little risk of leakage.  Gum tissue is sensitive, so this is an important factor in how you will feel. 
  • No overuse.  Too often, people overuse the whitening solution because they don’t think the results are dramatic enough.  This leads people to switch from whitening strips to trays, etc.  The challenge is that by continuing to whiten teeth, overuse becomes an issue, and teeth can become sensitive, as a result.  This risk factor is eliminated when having your teeth professionally whitened because we will not perform the procedure if we feel it has been too close to the last time.  Simultaneously, our solution is stronger so the results are more dramatic and the chance of you needing to repeat the treatment quickly, is very small. 
  • Your health.  Before whitening your teeth or completing any cosmetic procedure, we will ensure that your teeth and gums are in good health.  If they are not, we will treat those problems first so that the whitening solution and bleaching agent is not directly placed onto infected teeth.  This is a more common risk with at home treatments because there is no way to self-diagnose.  

If you have sensitive teeth and want to whiten them – you can and should.  Just be sure to visit our dentist office for a professional teeth whitening Alpharetta so that you can eliminate some of the risk factors associated with at-home care.


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