Restoration Dentistry in Alpharetta: Accurate and Beautiful Solutions

Restoration Dentistry in AlpharettaIf you are looking for restoration dentistry in Alpharetta, call our office and schedule a consultation. After examining your teeth and taking x-rays, we can create a plan to improve both the form and function of your teeth. It does not matter whether you have a tooth that is cracked or one that has been severely chipped, we can help.

At our dental office, our goal is to provide you with a restoration that is so natural-looking, no one will be able to tell you even have one. We do not want to fix your teeth in a way that looks fake or like you patched them. Rather, we believe the best restorations are ones that go unnoticed. In order to achieve this goal, we focus on:

Accuracy. Teeth are so small, the tiniest of inaccuracies can make a significant difference in whether a restoration looks natural or not. When receiving restoration dentistry in Alpharetta, be sure to visit a dentist who takes the same level of care. We begin by making an impression of your teeth and taking measurements. We then use a shade card, so your restoration will look the same as your natural teeth. All this information is sent to the dental lab, along with our instructions, to ensure your restoration is created precisely as it should be.

Application. When it comes time to place your restoration, our years of experience is put to use making sure it is done correctly. As a provider of restoration dentistry in Alpharetta, we practice gentle dentistry and use best practices to ensure the procedure goes smoothly. This way, you can have increased comfort with superior results.

A few of the restorative solutions we offer are:

Dental bonding. This is the least invasive option that tends to be good for children. We can use bonding material to restore cracked or chipped teeth. Since no enamel needs to be removed first, we can complete the process in one appointment, usually in around an hour per tooth. This makes it ideal for adults in a hurry and for children.

Dental crowns. If you need a long-lasting and highly protective dental restoration, you should consider dental crowns. A crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth entirely, preventing anything from coming in direct contact with it. When you eat or bite down, nothing will touch your damaged tooth, which will prevent you from experiencing discomfort. As a provider of restoration dentistry in Alpharetta, we can place tooth-colored crowns so they will blend in with your natural teeth.

Dental veneers. If you have cracks or chips that need to be fixed and want to improve your smile at the same time, we can do so using dental veneers. This is the most common solution for closing gaps in between teeth, covering dark stains, and making teeth appear straight without orthodontics. If you are restoring a tooth anyway, you may want to consider improving your smile at the same time.

To learn more about your options, call and schedule an appointment today.


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