Quality Dental Fillings From Old Alabama Dental Care Repair Tooth Decay

Dental FillingsIf your child has tooth decay, it is time to get quality dental fillings from Old Alabama Dental Care to repair their tooth. Dental fillings will strengthen and restore the tooth so it remains decay-free in the future. To keep the attractive appearance of their smile and to remain in good health, continue reading and visit our office to learn more about our excellent fillings.

What is a Filling?

A filling is a durable material used to protect vulnerable teeth from further decay or damage after the current decay is removed. The fillings used today are mainly created from composite resin materials that are tooth-colored. Tooth-colored fillings are desired for their attractive value, safety, and the way they blend in with other teeth. Some people still prefer “silver” or amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are normally more affordable, but can pose risks for the tooth. Since amalgam is not as compatible with teeth as composite resin, it can eventually wedge deeper into your tooth, causing cracks or other damage. The grey color also can “bleed” into surrounding teeth and gums. These are the two most common types of dental fillings. Other options are glass ionomers and ceramics that are also tooth-colored or gold fillings.  For children, we typically recommend white or composite fillings since they look natural and are incredibly effective.

How does the Filling Procedure Work?

When you learn that your child has a cavity, you will need to schedule an appointment for a filling to repair it, unless the cavity is more severe and requires a crown. When they visit Old Alabama Dental Care to receive dental fillings to repair tooth decay, we will first numb the tooth or teeth to be worked on and the surrounding gums. Your child may also feel numbness in their cheeks and tongue. We will numb the area by injecting an anesthetic into the oral tissue near the site. If they prefer a form of sedation, we can also provide nitrous oxide gas for mild sedation as needed.

We will then use a small sheet of rubber or metal to “corral” the tooth that will be worked on in order to prevent filling materials or tooth particles from getting in other parts of their mouth or throat. Once the tooth is fully prepared, we will drill out the decayed area and then put a dental filling in its place.

After the Dental Filling Procedure

Following the procedure, their mouth may remain numb for 30 minutes to a little over an hour. During this time, they should avoid eating or drinking to protect them from biting their tongue or cheek and also to allow the filling to settle in more permanently. Depending on what type of filling they get or what your dentist recommends, they may also want to avoid chewing hard candies or gum near the filling site.

Get your child quality dental fillings from Old Alabama Dental Care to repair tooth decay before it becomes worse. If they do not have decay treated, it can become more severe, causing pain and even tooth loss. In some cases, if you wait, they may need a root canal or a crown to fix the issue.


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