Porcelain Veneers in Alpharetta, GA

Posted on: January 16, 2013

Old Alabama Dental Care offers porcelain veneers to residents of Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Duluth, and North Atlanta, and the surrounding areas. If you aren’t satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of your smile, veneers can change your smile! Veneers are a thin coating of porcelain placed on the tooth’s surface, which result in a more uniform shape, smoother surface and natural-looking tooth color – a whiter more beautiful smile.Veneers offer a simple way to solve discoloration due to:
  • Fluorosis (stains from over-exposure to fluoride)
  • Medicine
  • Root Canals
Dentists also use veneers in cases where teeth are broken, chipped, or just worn from age. Sometimes these are also used as a time-efficient alternative to braces when teeth are significantly misaligned or crooked.prophylaxis teeth cleaning Alpharetta

What are the advantages of veneers?

Veneers offer several benefits when compared to dental bonding and other options:
  • They are extremely natural, since they are matched to surrounding teeth.
  • Porcelain offers no irritation to gum tissue.
  • They are brighter than resins and other materials, and have a translucent quality, similar to a natural tooth.

How are veneers inserted?

X-rays enable the dentist to get a better idea of the shape of the mouth; then, impressions are made of the teeth. The veneers are crafted in a dental lab to perfectly match the real teeth.After the veneers are received from the lab, the dentist cleans, polishes, and roughens the tooth surface to enable bonding of the veneers to the tooth surface. The veneers are attached using bonding cement, and a special light beam strengthens the bond. Later, the dentist checks the veneers and makes adjustments as necessary. Veneers can be expected to last many years. If you’re a patient in Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Duluth, North Atlanta, or the surrounding areas with cracked, broken, or discolored teeth, make an appointment today to see if porcelain veneers are right for you.