Functional Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Posted on: March 27, 2019

A smile makeover is an option for those who are looking to get the smile they have always wanted or dreamed of. There are many restorative and cosmetic procedures in the dentistry world that have many functional benefits in addition to the renewed physical appearance of the teeth. A smile is one of the most important features any person has. It can cause the difference between an angry temperament and an easygoing personality. Your smile is important – make sure it is looking great with a smile makeover!

Benefits of a smile makeover

Restore a damaged tooth

Dental crowns, also known as caps, restore a damaged tooth by filling and covering it. Crowns restore the tooth to its natural shape, size and function while strengthening it in the process. If your tooth is also cracked, worn down or weakened, a crown is a great way to fix these problems. The most popular crowns are made of porcelain and ceramic. When a crown is made, the material is colored to blend in with your natural teeth, creating a natural aesthetic.

A better bite

When patients invest in a new set of teeth, they can actually improve their bite and the way they chew in the process. Certain dental procedures such as veneers and dental bonding can help fix and align the jawbone as a bonus. A better bite leads to more optimal digestion as well as optimal tooth structure. When a bite is corrected, this can also possibly alleviate any discomfort patients may be having in the jaw or teeth, as they are directly correlated.

When patients have crooked teeth, all the pressure and force that comes with biting is given to the jaw or a few select teeth. When you correct these issues, the force of the bite is evenly spread throughout the mouth. Less pain means less stress. Less stress means more smiling! 

Some additional food for thought: restoring damaged teeth can make it much easier on yourself when it comes to maintaining proper oral hygiene. When your teeth are aligned properly, brushing and flossing become much easier as plaque and small pieces of food are less likely to get lodged in hard-to-reach places. This reduces your chance of developing issues such as gum disease or tartar. 

Chewing and talking

Even missing one tooth can mess up the overall function of biting and chewing. When patients restore this functionality with a smile makeover, it makes it much easier to talk and chew. It could even help with a lisp as well. Complete teeth reworks are also available with some dentists. Having a new set of teeth can help restore the function of a patient's bite by working together with the other teeth left in the mouth. A smile makeover can also help maintain the facial structure as having a well-rounded set of teeth will keep the cheeks from sinking into the holes from the missing teeth in the mouth.

Find the right smile makeover

Even missing one tooth could negatively impact the functionality of your smile. Same-day implants are also available to help you show off your new teeth quicker. New teeth also help support other surrounding teeth. Make sure to consider a smile makeover if you want to receive all these functional benefits that come with a brand new set of pearly whites!

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