It’s Football Time and We Offer Mouth Guards Alpharetta Athletes Trust

Posted on: September 8, 2014

Mouth Guards AlpharettaFootball season has arrived and we provide mouth guards Alpharetta athletes need to stay safe.  We prevent tooth damage but when teeth do fall out we offer dental implants to restore missing teeth.  Football brings memories of the crisp falling leaves, tailgates, and family time but for many athletes it also brings injuries.  Young and old, players of aggressive sports are more likely to sustain a dental injury than those who don’t play.  The American Dental Association reported that 13 to 39 percent of tooth loss comes from sports related injuries and people spend over $500 million a year replacing those teeth.We specialize in replacing missing teeth but prefer to have our patients stay in good oral health so that they never need a major dental procedure.  When teeth are healthy and strong, they are less likely to become injured or fall out due to a sports accident.  The best way to do this is to practice good oral hygiene at home, brushing and flossing throughout the day, eating a healthy diet, drinking water, and having teeth professionally cleaned twice a year.  Fluoride can also help, and we offer treatments to youth visiting our dental office.  Adults can also brush with fluoride toothpaste in order to place minerals on their teeth that can keep them stronger.By wearing a mouth guard Alpharetta athletes can further protect their teeth.  In fact, the University of California did a quick study to find out which sport was the most dangerous for your teeth.  They reviewed accident records from their athletic department over the course of nine years and found that basketball players were the most likely to become injured with 11 out of every 100 suffering from dental injuries.  Basketball is an aggressive sport, but so is football.  The major difference is that football players wear a mouth guard and helmet, where basketball players do not.  By having a custom mouth guard created, many basketball players could avoid the need for dental implants.How the process works.We take a mold of an athlete’s mouth and use it to create a custom mouth guard Alpharetta athletes can wear during practice and the game.  A mouth guard holds teeth in place and prevents many injuries.When teeth do get knocked out dental implants are ideal for replacing them because they provide a durable and sturdy way for doing so.  In this procedure, we implant a metal post under the gums and secure it to the jawbone.  In time, the post and bone will fuse together which creates a synthetic root system that is just as strong as a natural one.  It can take several months but once complete; then the synthetic tooth will be secured to the metal post and look completely natural.Other restorative solutions like dentures and dental bridges are not as durable as an implant.  Dentures have a risk of falling out when eating or speaking, let alone playing an aggressive sport.  Bridges depend on the surrounding teeth for stability which make them more susceptible to damage later on.  With implants, athletes and all active adults can continue with their daily activities without thinking or worrying about their teeth.Football players and other athletes should use a mouth guard and when necessary we provide dental implants as a way to restore their missing teeth. To find out if this is the right procedure for you, call and schedule an appointment today.