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Do you think a dental restoration process can help you achieve the smile you want? Your dentist can offer multiple solutions. The procedure will depend on the severity of your condition and according to your needs and goals. In some cases, damage to your tooth may be minor and not require invasive work. When small chips are affecting the way your smile looks, dental bonding might be all that you need to gain the appearance you want.

Issues that cause chipping

Teeth are made of two layers: enamel and dentin. Enamel is the outer layer, and it is stronger than the bones in a person’s body. This does not mean that teeth are indestructible. With enough force, a tooth can chip, crack, or even break. Biting into a hard food or an object, such as a utensil, can chip a tooth. Injuries from playing contact sports or from a fall can also cause this damage.

Chips may also occur because of tooth decay. Cavities can deteriorate the enamel, weakening the tooth. Proper brushing and flossing can help a person avoid this issue. Once a tooth chips, it is more likely to suffer further problems. It may even eventually fall out.

When bonding can help

The dentist may not suggest the dental restoration of bonding in every situation. Sometimes, the chip or fracture may be too large for a filling to support. When the chip is small enough, however, bonding could be the right strategy. Bonding makes sense when the rest of the tooth is intact and there is no other damage or decay.


The dentist will begin by examining the patient and the damage to the tooth. The dentist may then take X-rays to ensure that a filling is the right treatment. If the damage is minor and small enough, the dentist may not need to numb the patient. However, the dentist uses a local anesthetic to put the person at ease before he or she performs this procedure.

How it works

For this dental restoration, bonding builds up the tooth, replacing the lost area with composite material. This is much like what a dentist does to fill a hole caused by decay. The dentist will ensure that the material matches the tooth’s color as closely as possible. After filling the tooth, the dentist will smooth it to make sure it looks nice and is not rough on the person’s lips or tongue.

Other situations where this dental restoration is useful

The dentist will also use bonding in other treatments. Dental cement bonds a crown over the top of a damaged tooth. The dentist will also use bonding to secure a veneer to the front of a broken or chipped tooth. Using light, the dentist cures the cement so that it hardens quickly.

Make your tooth whole once more

Even the smallest chips can affect your smile. This, in turn, can impact your self-esteem. It is nice to know that there are solutions to repair this damage. Talk to your dentist today about whether you are a good candidate for a bonding procedure to build up your tooth.

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