How Dental Crowns Are Used in Dentistry

Dental CrownsOur Alpharetta dentist office places dental crowns on a regular basis. A popular dental restoration used by adults and children, a dental crown is a cap that surrounds the visible area of the tooth. This makes it an ideal restoration when a tooth has a severe crack, chip, or is missing a large portion of the enamel. In this scenario, we can discuss alternative solutions like bonding, but nothing is as strong or as durable as the dental crown.

What they look like

Dental crowns were typically silver and while you can still get a silver crown, there are a few draw backs. Even though many people prefer silver dental crowns because of how long-lasting they are and how durable they prove to be,a silver crown stands out. If you have a root canal and have a silver crown placed afterward, it will be noticeable when you smile. If it is placed on a back tooth, the change in appearance is not as significant, but anywhere close to your front teeth and your smile will forever be altered.

We prefer to use ceramic dental crowns or ceramic-on-metal dental crowns because they look more natural. This type of restoration is still durable, but it blends in with your surrounding teeth. It looks so natural that you may not be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the restored tooth. As a cosmetic dentist, this is one of our goals. We want our work to look so beautiful and seamless that you will hardly notice the dental work.

As mentioned above, we regularly place dental crowns after a patient has a root canal. During the root canal procedure, we create a hole in the tooth in order to remove the infected portion. The hole is sealed up with a rubber-like substance, but the tooth is still vulnerable. A crown can cap the tooth so nothing touches the structure and it regains stability.

Our Alpharetta dental office also uses crowns to restore a damaged tooth. For example, if you crack or chip a tooth while playing sports or in a car wreck, a crown can be the perfect tool for returning your tooth to a beautiful and fully functioning smile. By surrounding the tooth, the crown makes it possible for you to bite down with force without worry that your tooth will cause soreness or irritation. Since the restoration looks natural, no one will be able to tell a procedure was done at all.

Another reason for using crowns is that they can improve the appearance of your teeth. A ceramic crown can cover dark stains, close gaps between your teeth, change the shape of the teeth, and even make them appear straighter. Given how versatile one's teeth are, it is clear to see why crowns are so popular. If you would like more information about how they can help you, call (770) 475-0603 and schedule a dental exam.


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