Cosmetic Makeovers in Alpharetta, GA

Old Alabama Dental Care offers cosmetic makeovers for residents of Alpharetta, Roswell, John’s Creek, Duluth, North Atlanta, and the surrounding areas. If you are dissatisfied with your smile, our dental staff is eager to help give you your dream smile through a cosmetic makeover. A cosmetic makeover is the process of enhancing the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers, composite bonding, tooth implants, and teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Makeover Treatment

Our dental staff is eager to help give you your dream smile through a cosmetic makeover.Our cosmetic dental specialists take into account the overall appearance of your face including lips, skin, hair color, teeth, and other elements to help develop a smile that will wow.It is important that you have some idea of what you want to change about your smile, and then discuss the possibilities with the dentist. Some areas you may wish to improve include:Tooth Color: A white smile adds to a youthful appearance, while dingy teeth can make you self-conscious and reluctant to smile. We offer several options to yield brighter smiles:
  • Take-home teeth whitening kits: Quickly brighten teeth with minimal effort.
  • Veneers: Porcelain is bonded to the teeth for an even shaped and bright smile.
  • Dental Implants: These are directly implanted into the jaw and are often best for people who are already using bridges or dentures to replace missing teeth.
Alignment and Spacing: Teeth that are crooked or that have gaps and overlapping areas can be fixed or adjusted with the following:
  • SmartMoves™: A see-through way to adjust teeth, perfect for those who are self-conscious about braces and need only moderate adjustments.
  • Braces: Brackets and wires straighten teeth over time. We can provide referrals to local orthodontic specialists.
  • Veneers
Missing Teeth: Those who are missing teeth may not like the way it looks, and it can make it harder to eat as well; some options for fixing missing teeth include:
  • Partial dentures: This is the simple solution for missing teeth and is not permanent, so adjustments can be made easily.
  • Dental implants: A permanent and “natural” solution that closely matches your original teeth.
Cracked or Chipped Teeth: Chipped or cracked teeth affect your appearance and may also affect your ability to eat. Depending upon the complexity of your chip, your smile can be restored by:
  • Bonding
  • Veneers
  • Implants


A cosmetic makeover offers many benefits:
  • Improved self-confidence
  • A variety of options
  • Many quick solutions, requiring few appointments
  • Long-lasting enhancements when good dental care is practiced

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A 2007 independent study shows that if you are pleased with your smile, you will have higher self-esteem and improve others’ feelings towards you. A bright smile gives the appearance of trustworthiness, an outgoing personality, and professional success.It is easy to begin your cosmetic makeover and enhance your life. If you live in Alpharetta, Roswell, Johns Creek, Duluth, or North Atlanta, Georgia, make an appointment today at our office to see which of our cosmetic dentistry options are best for you.

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