Can Six Month Smiles® Correct a Bite?

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The idea of completing teeth straightening in less than a year is perhaps why Six Month Smiles® is becoming so popular. With regular braces, patients can expect to wear them for about one to two years. This is enough to discourage most people because two years can feel like forever. For adults who did not get braces as teenagers, wearing them might also feel embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Overview of Six Month Smiles

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of having a straighter smile, well-aligned teeth are important for oral health care. A misaligned bite or overcrowded teeth can make brushing and flossing difficult and can contribute to the accumulation of the bacteria responsible for oral health issues.

Six Month Smiles is promoted as an option that straightens the teeth in approximately six months. It is a cosmetic procedure that restores the alignment of the teeth that are visible when smiling.

Some people might need a longer time for Six Month Smiles to work for them, so the precise duration is between four to eight months. Compared to traditional braces, this option is not that special or different. The result is achieved using regular orthodontic appliances, such as ceramic, metal, or clear braces.

How it works

Patients often think that accomplishing results that should take two years in only six months would mean a tighter archwire or a special mechanism to straighten the teeth faster. However, Six Month Smiles does not work like that.

Irrespective of the braces type used, the positioning, or the purpose, no orthodontic treatment can cheat natural processes. It is impossible to accelerate the forces that cause the teeth to shift without long-term repercussions. Six Month Smiles focuses more on the smile’s aesthetics instead of the bite’s position. The same results can happen even if patients were undergoing traditional orthodontic treatment.

The major difference between Six Month Smiles and regular orthodontic treatment is that the latter corrects malocclusion or a bad bite in a 12- or 24-month process, while the former skips it entirely. Six Month Smiles can be used for any bite situation that regular orthodontic devices can correct, including overcrowding, uneven spacing, an overbite, underbite, open bite, and deep bite.

This option can also work for those who have had orthodontic treatment previously but need to make corrections due to minor teeth movement. The braces used are usually tooth-colored and apply low force to the teeth. Almost all adults are candidates for Six Month Smiles.

The benefits

The short treatment duration is the most noticeable benefit of choosing Six Month Smiles. Some people are not particularly concerned about the braces’ appearance, but the time required for regular dental appointments, dietary limitations, and meticulous oral care can make people seek options that allow them to get results in less time.

In conclusion

There is no danger or risk related to Six Month Smiles. This option allows you to get a straighter-looking smile in about six months. If you are considering this option, book an appointment with the dentist to find out if you can undergo the treatment and get the results that you desire.

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