Answers to Common Questions About Dental Care in Alpharetta

Dental Care AlpharettaIn our office, people will often ask the same questions about dental care in Alpharetta.  Many people have the misconception that because we are a smaller town, we don’t have the same technology that can be found in larger cities.  Fortunately, this is not the case.  Whether you are in New York or visiting our office in Alpharetta, you can receive the same superior dental care.  We have incorporated the latest dental technology and techniques into our practice so that you can look and feel amazing.  Here are questions that we are asked on a regular basis and what you need to know.

Do you still pull teeth?

This happens on a very rare basis.  While television and movies still portray the dentist as a repeat tooth puller, we will do everything we can to save your natural tooth.  We specialize in restorations so that when a tooth is damaged, cracked, chipped, etc. we can keep it in the mouth.  This is better for you because the jawbone won’t be altered as it is when a tooth is pulled.  In order to ensure that your tooth can remain in tact, we recommend coming in immediately after damaging it.   When performing a restoration we will often use a dental veneer, dental crown or bonding procedure.  If your tooth is not particularly damaged but infected, we can still try to save it by performing a root canal.

Can I keep my crown in forever?

Probably not.  Crowns and other restorations are designed to last a decade or more, but they will not last forever.  All materials will eventually wear away.  Whether you have a natural tooth or a restoration, over time erosion can take place or an accident can occur.  We suggest having your crown inspected during your dental exams.  That way we can tell you if it looks like you need to replace it.  Some people have worn their crowns for over twenty years and the better job you do at staying in good oral health, the longer it will last.  We provide dental care in Alpharetta that can help to keep your teeth in good shape.

What is sedation dentistry?

If you have dental anxiety or don’t want to feel discomfort or pain, sedation dentistry can make that possible.  This is simply the method of providing medication to ease your fears or numb an area.  We have multiple types of sedation so it is best to schedule an appointment and discuss your concerns so that we can incorporate sedation into your treatment plan.

What procedure is right for me?

We offer several solutions to problems.  For example, if you lose a tooth we can help you to replace it using a dental implant, denture, or dental bridge.  If your tooth is cracked, we can restore it with a veneer, crown, or through bonding.  This means that you have a choice regarding the type of procedure that you get.  We will explain all of your options and answer questions but at the end of the day, it is ultimately your decision.  When getting dental care in Alpharetta, we will make sure that you are informed and empowered to make these decisions.

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