5 Signs of an Abscessed Tooth

abscessed tooth

An abscessed tooth often requires a root canal treatment or an extraction to eliminate it. It is often the result of tooth decay reaching the pulp and nerve of a tooth. Once this happens, the pulp can easily get an infection since it is exposed to bacteria and debris in your mouth. If a tooth has an infection, the infection will eventually spread to the roots and jawbone. If the infection does not receive treatment, it can easily spread into the bloodstream, leading to some serious health issues.

Thus, it is important to deal with tooth decay as soon as symptoms are noticeable. Failing to do so is what exposes patients to pain and other health issues from oral infections.

Five common signs of an abscessed tooth

1. Swollen face

A swollen face is one of the symptoms of a tooth infection. While a swollen bite can result from other things like an insect bite, but it is also a sign of a dental issue. The next time one's face is swollen in the morning, it is beneficial for the individual to conduct a thorough examination of the mouth. If the face remains swollen for more than two days, the individual needs to schedule an appointment with a dentist immediately.

2. Persistent toothaches

Persistent toothaches are another sign of an infected tooth. Not all toothaches are equal. In some cases, the pain can be manageable. However, there are other cases when the patient is dealing with intolerable pain that prevents him/her from getting any sleep at night. The pain can also prevent an individual from focusing during the day, that is almost always a sign of a tooth infection.

3. Fever

If a person is feeling feverish on a regular basis without any noticeable illnesses, then there is a chance the person is suffering from an abscessed tooth. If the fever also accompanies any of the other symptoms of an abscessed tooth, the person needs to head to the dentist immediately.

4. Sensitive teeth

If the person experiences pain while chewing or biting, that can be a sign of an infected tooth. Tooth sensitivity is typically a sign of tooth decay, so regardless of having an infection or not, head to a dentist immediately when there is a consistent pain while chewing.

5. Fragile teeth

Another sign of an infection is fragile teeth that teeth crack easily even though the person is not chewing on hard foods or exposing the teeth to trauma. Since the infection weakens teeth, people need to be careful in any situation from eating to playing sports. Head to your dentist immediately before the infection does further damage to your mouth.

Why tooth infections are so dangerous

One of the reasons why it is so important to take care of an infected tooth as soon as possible is because the infection can eventually make its way to the brain. A brain infection can be fatal. The brain is not the only vital organ that a tooth infection can reach. The infection can make its way into the bloodstream, which feeds all the organs in your body.

That means a tooth infection that is left untreated will eventually make it to the other organs and affect their performance. Want to learn more about tooth infections? Contact one of our dentists today for a consultation.

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