4 Benefits of Wearing a Mouth Guard While Playing Sports

Posted on: May 5, 2019

Looking for information on the benefits of a mouth guard? Great! This means you are someone who wants to understand how to prevent injury to the mouth while playing sports. According to the American Dental Association, more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented each year by wearing a mouth guard. Some of the more common dental injuries prevented include chipped teeth, broken teeth, knocked out teeth and even lacerations to the lip and tongue. Whether it is you or your child who participates in sports, wearing a mouth guard is highly recommended for preventing dental injuries.

What exactly is a mouth guard?

Wanting to understand more about choosing the right mouth guard? There are different types of mouth guards to choose from nowadays. A mouth guard is a flexible device that is placed over the teeth to protect them from injury. A great fit is important as it is essential for the mouth guard to stay in place during sports play. An ill-fitting mouth guard will not properly protect the teeth. The three types of mouth guards available nowadays include ready to wear mouth guards bought over the counter, boil and bite mouth guards that are first softened with hot water and then placed in the mouth to create their shape and custom-fit mouth guards made by dental professionals.

4 benefits of wearing a mouth guard while playing sports

The following is a list of benefits that come with wearing a mouth guard while playing sports.

#1 – Helps prevent damages to the teeth

Wearing a mouth guard helps prevent any type of damage to the teeth due to the cushioning mouth guards provide.

#2 – Helps prevent cuts, bruising inside the mouth

Mouth guards provide a barrier between dental appliances that can cut the mouth, specifically the gums and cheeks. This barrier also provides a cushion that helps lower a sports player's risk of experiencing any type of bruising within the mouth.

#3 – Helps prevent injuries to the jaw

Mouth guards help to prevent damage to the jaw. Jaw injuries are quite common for sports players and include dislocated jaws, jaw fractures and broken jawbones.

#4 – Helps prevent head, neck and brain injuries

Wearing a mouth guard not only protects the teeth and jaw from injury, but it also helps prevent sports players from neck and brain injuries. Two of the more serious injuries that can occur when playing sports include concussion and cerebral hemorrhaging. Sports players can increase their chances of avoiding these serious injuries by wearing a custom-fit mouth guard.

Need a custom-fit mouth guard?

When you need a mouth guard to protect you or your child’s teeth, the ultimate option is choosing a custom-fit mouth guard. This ensures that the mouth guard will properly do its job, giving you the peace of mind you deserve when playing sports yourself or watching your child play. Preventing dental injuries from happening in the first place is always preferred vs. needing to address any dental injuries occurred while playing sports.

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