3 Common Denture Options Available Today

Posted on: August 1, 2018


Wondering which of the denture options available today is going to meet your particular needs? It is essential for you to explore all your denture options, as this is the only way to choose dentures that will be the right fit. No matter the reason you are in need of dentures, making your choice as soon as possible allows your mouth to once again be healthy. Your mouth needs a full set of teeth in order for it to function properly, making finding out your choices so you can evaluate them your next step to take.

About dentures

According to the American Dental Association, dentures can help fill out the appearance of one’s face and profile because once someone begins to lose their teeth, their facial muscles will begin to sag, which makes them look older. There are many denture choices available today for new denture wearers to choose from. There are partial and full dentures available, as well as removable and fixed ones. The more someone understands their denture choices, the higher their chances of choosing dentures that will work for them long term.

Three common denture choices

The following is a list of common denture choices. It is essential for those choosing new dentures for the first time to thoroughly understand their options, as this is the only way to be sure that they are choosing the right fit.

Common denture choice #1 — conventional dentures, a.k.a. full dentures. This denture choice is for those who need to replace all their teeth and will be made to custom-fit the patient's mouth.

Common denture choice #2 — implant-supported dentures. This denture choice uses dental implants to hold them securely in place.

Common denture choice #3 — partial dentures. This denture choice is similar to full dentures, except they are to be used in only part of the mouth because the patient still has teeth remaining.

Which denture option is right for you?

Will one or more of the above denture options be a good fit for you? If you are currently in need of dentures, then finding a denture solution that works for you as soon as possible is really important. Only when you find dentures that can meet all your particular needs will you feel completely comfortable wearing your new dentures. If this happens to be the first time you have ever had to choose new dentures, then please do not hesitate to call us with any questions. Hope to hear from you!

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